Questions & Answers

Why grind when you can machine?

Exotic alloys (Waspalloy, Inconel, Rene 41, etc.) are not only difficult to machine, they are also very costly to machine. Even the most modern Tacon-coated carbide cutters wear very quickly when machining hard alloys. Modern abrasive grinding wheels, on the other hand, remove hard material quite easily and economically with minimal heat distortion, material stress, and burrs.

What kind of burrs can I expect from a grinding operation?

Sometimes deburring machined hard metals takes more time and is more expensive than the actual machining process. Grinding instead produces flatter surfaces with better finishes and minimal burrs that can easily be removed either by tumble-style deburring (centrifugal barrel finish) or mechanically assisted hand deburring. Both of these styles of deburring are available through Specialty Surface Grinding’s approved second operation vendors and are very cost-effective.

How long has Specialty Surface Grinding been in business?

Specialty Surface Grinding was founded in Southern California in 1967 and has been in continuous operation ever since.

Can Specialty Surface Grinding expedite A.O.G. orders and other "hot" jobs?

Yes. Specialty Surface Grinding understands the need for rush deliveries and keeps two or three machines available at all times for time-critical deliveries.

Can Specialty Surface Grinding grind hard metals?

Yes. Specialty Surface Grinding is expert at grinding hard and high-temp metals such as Inconel, Rene41, Waspaloy, 17-4PH, and more.

Where in Los Angeles is Specialty Surface Grinding located?

Specialty Surface Grinding is located at 345 West 131st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061, near the intersection of the 110 and 105 freeways, just east of LAX, and ten minutes south of downtown Los Angeles.