High-Volume Precision Fastener Grinding

One of the specialties at Specialty Surface Grinding is high-volume, precision grinding of fasteners for use in high-stress and high-temperature environments. Specialty Surface Grinding has perfected the tooling and techniques to grind complex, close-tolerance configurations on difficult-to-machine metals like Inconel, Waspaloy and Rene 41. Combined with decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, Specialty Surface Grinding offers a cost-effective alternative for these mission-critical components. “We use our grinding process to achieve finishes and hold tolerances faster and easier than conventional machining,” explains Paul Casadio, general manager. “Our normal tolerance is +-.002 from centerline and we can hold .0002 when necessary… and grinding leaves no burrs to remove.”

From prototype quantities to 100,000 pieces, Specialty Surface Grinding is the answer to complex, precision fastener machining requirements. Specialty Surface Grinding can start saving you money today.

Quick Turn-Around for Second-Op Surface Grinding

Specialty Surface Grinding is your source for quick-turnaround, top-quality second-operation surface grinding. “Our shop has over 900 man-hours available each week,” says Paul Casadio, general manager. “We have thirty-five grinding machines available and turn most jobs around in a matter of days. We even keep two or three machines open all the time just for rush orders.”

Specialty Surface Grinding customers know that they can depend on exceptional customer service, backed-up by decades of experience and a quality system second to none. “When you send us your second-operation grinding work,” continues Paul, “you put thirty-five years of grinding quality and integrity to work for you.” Trust Specialty Surface Grinding to solve your second-operation surface grinding problems today.

CNC Machining at Specialty Surface Grinding

In addition to our extensive grinding services, Specialty Surface Grinding also offers precision CNC machining. Our customers asked for a complete, one-stop facility for steel parts that require grinding and machining, and we responded with a solution that combines these two manufacturing operations under one roof. Our two Fadal VMCs have 10,000-rpm spindles, 30” x 16” x 20” xyz capacity, 21-tool automatic tool changers, and 900-ipm rapids for fast and efficient machining.

Our CNC machining capability is yet another aspect of the continuing commitment to exceptional value and customer service at Specialty Surface Grinding. Let us prove it to you. Contact us for your next grinding/machining requirement.

Experienced Employees Make the Difference

It does not matter if a business has been around for thirty-five years if its employees have only been around for several months. At Specialty Surface Grinding, the tradition of quality and customer service runs deep and is reflected in the average tenure of its employees. The average employee has been with Specialty Surface Grinding for over twenty years; one has over thirty years of loyal service. Employees are at the heart of any manufacturing business. Theirs are the hands that run the machines and produce the products that keep the customers coming back time and time again.

Specialty Surface Grinding is proud of its employees. Their loyalty is one of the keys to the overall success of the business. At Specialty Surface Grinding, you can count on decades of experience and knowledge found nowhere else in the manufacturing industry.

Expanding Capacity at Specialty Surface Grinding

Over the past several years Specialty Surface Grinding has expanded steadily to keep up with customer demand. In addition to doubling our manufacturing facility, we have continued to add the latest grinding, machining and quality-assurance equipment in order to maintain our edge in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Our latest acquisitions include a new 2008 Okamoto DCX3 3-axis auto - 6x18 surface grinder with .00005 resolution; and an additional Chevalier FSG1224ADII 3-axis auto - 12x24 surface grinder.

At Specialty Surface Grinding we will continue to invest in new facilities and equipment in response to the needs of our customers; and to continue to offer a level of service and expertise found nowhere else in the industry.

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